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Game Update 4.6

I have added a tool to track your progress in the new Dark vs. Light Event.
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Interactive Maps


Explore the big universe of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We've around 1400 database records. These records are spread over 30 main and 190 sub maps.

You'll find:
Datacrons World bosses Heroics MCR Droids Lore Bestiary Champions Important Vendors Tauntaun Nest Chests Mysterious Eggs Seeker Droid Areas Conquest Commander Flashpoints Quests Achievements Worthy Jagannath Target .... and more
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Edit it!

From the community for the community!

Everyone can edit every single entry of our database. You can move the items around, you can change the name, the description, you can add a picture and you can also add new items to our database. Or you can even add completely new maps or sub maps to our database.

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Support us!

There are many ways how you can support this project.

Donate, use a refferal link, tell it a friend, give feedback, contribute .....

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Character Manager

Manage your characters!

You can create your characters, sorted by all available servers.

You can rename, delete or transfer them to another server.

Once you created your character, you can track many things related to your ingame life.

Character Manager

Track things!

You can track many things.

  • Currency
    • Credits
    • Commendations
    • Event Currency
    • Flashpoint Currency
    • and other
  • KotFE chapters and companions
  • Influence with all companions and the alliance specialists
  • Cartel market companions
  • Starfortress story arc
  • HK-51 story chain
  • Macrobinocular and Seekerdroid story arc
  • A Basic Armory
  • Storage
  • Notes
  • Crafting
Character Manager

Track your weekly progression!

If you want, you can track your weekly progression

  • Flashpoints
  • Operations
  • Conquest
  • Heroics
  • PVP
  • Daily Areas
Character Manager



Mount Manager

Manage all your Mounts.

There are currently (Patch 4.7.3) 427 Mounts in our database. Most of them with a hint how/ where to get them and what they cost.



Pet Manager

Manage your Pets.

There are currently (Patch 4.7.3) 264 Pets in our database. Most of them with a hint how/ where to get them and what they cost.


Achievement Manager

Manage your achievements

At the moment (Patch 4.5) we have 3229 achievements with a total score of 54365 points in our database.


Wanna more Tools?

I'm always looking for new, nice ideas to expand the toolbox. You have an idea? Take a look at the support page to learn how to contact me.