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This is a private project. It's very time consuming .. Collect data, write code, test everything, publish it, promote it ......
And on top of all the time I invest into the page, I have to pay every month for the web space. That's more than a month of a swtor subscription.

But I love the game, and I want to improve my and your ingame life. And you can help me!
The biggest problem is to keep the motivation to invest time and money.
Everything that raise my motivation will help to keep this site alive and up to date!

If you like my site, there are several ways to support this project:

The easy one's

  1. Use the page
  2. Tell your guildmates, friends about it
  3. >Tell the world about it!
  4. Give Feedback
  5. Help me to improve the page
  6. Whitelist this site on your addblocker

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